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Hello 2018!

2 Years! it's been two years since we started down this road. Barks and Boots is, for lack of a better term, a passion project. In two years we have shipped boxes all across the country, had to say goodbye to some of our K9 friends, met countless new ones and journeyed down some roads that we had never envisioned.

In 2017 we delivered over 100 bags of treats to just one unit of the Chicago Police Department (because you have to take care of your hometown first - am I right?), continued our primary mission to deliver boxes to K9's, and started our RESCUED! care package program in partnership with a local pilot from Pilots N Paws.

The RESCUED! program creates packages for dogs that are being taken from shelters and flown to either their new rescue or foster home. Each package includes a leash, treats and toys so the dogs will have something to take with them from their foster home to their forever homes!

We wanted to say thank you. Thank you for supporting us on our journey and helping us as we grow. Here's to looking forward to what 2018 brings!

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