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We Famous!

This could be the highlight of my year! I was so excited about this that I didn't even think to share this with you until more than a month later.

Early last year I connected with a local dj in Chicago who also flies with Pilots & Paws. Aside from Barks and Boots I also volunteer in the rescue community. Listening to the radio on my commute to work one morning I heard Fred talk about his latest trip for Pilot and Paws and how he wished he could provide these rescue dogs with something to take with them to their foster homes. * Lightbulb* I can create "Rescued!" bags and give them to rescue dogs! The bags would have a leash, collar, bowl and toys for the dog to take with them from foster home to forever home!

As much as we all hate social media (for obvious reasons) the one good thing that comes from it is allowing us to connect with others quickly. I shot Fred a message on Instagram and a partnership was born.

click the "ON AIR" above and scroll to minute 35 to hear my (literal) 1 minute of fame!

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